We can communicate with your non-English speaking clientele in more ways than one. The firm dispatches skilled interpreters throughout South Florida to handle a variety of subjects and circumstances ranging from legal, insurance, and medical matters to education, human resources, and social service needs. In addition to Creole, Spanish, and French, services are also offered in German, Hebrew and other languages. Can We Talk? Inc. is a registered vendor with the state of Florida.

Besides interpreting, the company provides written translations for many types of documents, including contracts, handbooks, manuals, personnel policies and procedures, brochures, general correspondence, and more. Can We Talk? Inc. has worked with hundreds of private and public sector entities over the years to better affect their business communications. The company has been recognized over the years for its work by South Florida Business Journal and Price Waterhouse and S. Florida Magazine.


  • Depositions

  • Trials

  • Medical exams/physical therapy

  • Seminars/workshops

  • Employee orientations/personnel policies and procedure

  • Audio recordings

Written Translations

  • Attorney/client agreements/clients’ rights

  • Medical authorizations

  • Handbooks

  • Audio and visual transcriptions

  • Contracts

  • Signage

  • Birth/marriage/death certificates/

    school transcripts

  • General correspondence

…and much more!

Each request for a written translation is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The cost estimate is determined by the nature of the text (i.e. difficulty, technical aspects, and subject matter) and the length of the document. We can translate one page or more than 100 pages, depending on your needs.

Please call or email us for a quote.